Best North American Ski Trips

Best North American Ski Trips

The winter is a great time to take a ski trip, especially if your family loves the sport. It can bring your family closer and give you a unique experience in the snow. For some of the best North American ski trips, consider the locations that are found below. 

1. Whistler-Blackcomb
Whistler is one of the most popular ski resorts that are available to you and your family in all of North America. This location is in British Columbia, Canada, and it is actually the largest ski resort that you can possibly visit in all of the countries. It offers amenities to bring your whole family joy, printing nature views and the popular Peak 2 Peak Gondola that goes between the mountains that are called Whistler and Blackcomb. 

2. Breckenridge
Breckenridge is one of the most popular destinations for skiers in the entire state of Colorado, especially as the town itself is even beautiful to stay in. It is important to note that skiing can become crowded due to its popularity, however. The mountain boasts terrain parks and high altitudes though to give you a great ride that is hard to find anywhere else. 

3. Vail
Vail is also found in Colorado, and it is one of the ski resorts that is absolutely iconic no matter where you may stay. It is actually the largest ski resort that is found within the state, and it offers luxurious amenities so that you are comfortable throughout your entire visit. There are back bowls for professional skiers, green and blue trails in the front, and a European style village below the resort. The surrounding town offers great restaurants and bars to enjoy after a long day of skiing.

4. Snowbird
Snowbird is a beautiful ski resort that is easily accessible in Utah from the Salt Lake City airport and has beautiful views. This ski resort is best for individuals who are more experienced, however, as the terrain is difficult and there is also access to Alta if you are experienced. This resort offers expansive dumps of snow much of the year so that you can almost go to this ski resort during any season and still experience a fun ride. 

5. Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows
Squaw Valley – Alpine Meadows is the largest ski resort in the entire state of California if you are looking for something more unique. The trails are well taken care of, but they are challenging as there are high snowfall and steep hills throughout. This ski resort is known for hosting some Olympic competitions as well, so you are sure to have a unique experience. 

Final Thoughts
Winter is known for offering the sport of skiing, and it truly is one that is enjoyable for the whole family. Many of these resorts offer an abundance of other activities, like tube sledding and sleigh rides as well. For a new experience at one of the best resorts in North America, consider one of those listed above. 

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