The Correct Way To Make Sure That Your Dog Fits Into Their Clothes And Accessories

The Correct Way To Make Sure That Your Dog Fits Into Their Clothes And Accessories

While it can be very creative and fun to dress up your dog into cute clothing, it is important to make sure that you are aware of the correct way to measure them. Not only for clothing but for collars and harnesses too. Once you understand the ways in which to measure your dog, you will know how to properly shop for their clothing and accessories.

Different Areas Of Measurement
When measuring your dog for clothing you should measure their neck girth, chest girth, and top line back. When you’re measuring the area around your dog’s neck, you want to make sure that there is enough of space so that there will be a comfortable fit. This measurement can be taken in the collar area.

When shopping for your dog’s clothing, you want to make sure that you keep the gender of the dog in mind and be very intentional in choosing clothing tailored for their gender. Be very intentional in buying clothing with stomach cut outs that work for your dog. When measuring for the top line back you measure near the collar to the dog’s tail.

When you measure for the area of your dog’s chest, you want to measure the largest part of their chest. These different measurement areas and their resulting numbers unique to every dog, will help you to properly find the clothing that is best for your dog.

Collar And Harness Fitting
Harnesses and collars come in handy for dogs for a number of reasons. They hold a lot of benefits if your dog is wearing it correctly. Harnesses can help you to have more control over your dog without all of the risks of pulling and choking that some collars present. There are some collars on the market that can help you to have more control over your dogs, especially stronger ones. They come in many different styles, that all come with their own set of benefits. Like the Martingale collars that features a loop set up that provides tightening of the collar during your dog’s activities.

When you’re searching for a harness for your dog, it is very important that you read about the products measurements and compare the given information to the accurate measurements of your dog. This will help you to be able to find the correct fitting harness that your dog needs and therefore, helps you to properly use the harness.

Measuring for collars is a very important task as well. It is important that your dog’s collar is not too loose or too tight. There is a helpful rule for when you’re measuring your dog for a collar that is known as the two finger rule. It consists of making sure that there is enough space between the collar on your dog, and your dog’s neck. Two fingers should be able to fit between the two.

Make sure that you pick the right products for your dog’s measurements, so that you can get the most out of your purchase.

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