The Best Small Pets For Children

The Best Small Pets For Children

You may live in an apartment, or you may not have the space you need to have a large dog or another active animal. If this is your case, you may hear incessant cries from your child for a pet. Thankfully, there are many small pets that are great options such as those below. 

1. Rabbits
Rabbits have an amiable personality in that they enjoy the company of small children and are very gentle. If you want to, you can train your rabbit to use a litter box as well so that it is very easy for your child to take care of. Make sure you have ample food for this animal too, but they are quite happy eating vegetables and hay on a regular basis. 

2. Hamsters
Hamsters are one of the easiest small pets to care for, and they may even be the first thing you think of when you try to think of a small pet. Try to get a larger breed of hamster though that will enjoy being played with and cuddled if it is for your child. Make sure also that you are prepared for all circumstances with your hamster as they typically live shorter lives than other small animals. 

3. Birds
You may think immediately of a parrot or a cockatoo when mentioning a bird as a pet for your child. There are also other types of birds, however, that are much easier to care for and are very quiet such as a parakeet. They love socializing with people and are quite happy all of the time, making them extremely low-maintenance. Make sure they have space to sit in the sun though and have ways to make nests or climb. 

4. Lizards
Most lizards are very easy to care for and are quite lazy and social. Consider one such as a gecko, iguana or bearded dragon as each of these types of lizards are very social and love to be held. You only have to feed a lizard a few times a week as well, and you can give them vegetables or crickets that you find in your home or buy from the pet store. Most of them do require a special heating lamp so do your research before bringing one home as a pet.

5. Hedgehogs
One of the more unique small pets that your child may enjoy having in your home is a hedgehog. These cute animals are not the most social, but they can learn to be social if you practice holding them for short periods of time every day. They do require more care than some of the other animals listed as they are more prone to health problems, however. 

Final Thoughts
A pet is a great idea for the child in your home as it teaches them responsibility and allows them opportunities to be social. If you do not have the space for a large animal, consider a small pet like one of those above. 

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