Love To Mountain Bike? 5 Best Mountain Bike Brands Of 2020

Love To Mountain Bike? 5 Best Mountain Bike Brands Of 2020

Whether you love the fresh outdoors or just getting the proper exercise, mountain biking is a time favorite for many people. If this is your first time buying a mountain bike or in the market for a new one, here are the 5 best mountain bike brands of 2020.

1. Trek Brands
This mountain biking brand is one of the most common today. Trek brands have been in the business for over 40 years. While the company did not start off with the mountain biking aspect, it has quickly grown into one of their most popular lines. If you one the best Trek mountain bike, it is best to invest in the Hardtail line. It is great quality and cheaper than other higher end brands. The best one from them is the Hardtail Marlin.

2. Santa Cruz
If a higher end mountain biking brand is what you are in the market for then Santa Cruz may be your top option. They are able to have more intimately crafted mountain bikes because the company only makes a small percentage of them every year. Santa Cruz offers different styles of mountain bikes that includes electric, gravel and dirt. The top brand however is the trail-style. This sub brand has big features that has made it popular for mountain bikers everywhere.

3. Giant
One of the more traditional biking brands is Giant. The company is still popular in 2020 due to their great products for a reasonable price. The key bike in the Giant mountain bike range is the Yukon 1. This bike has one of the best builds for its retail price. It features a dropper post, which allows the bike to be usable during even the harsh winter months. Even if the Yukon 1 is not your style, the rest of Giant’s mountain bikes are great choices.

4. Bianchi
Started in 1885, Bianchi is the oldest bike manufacturing company that is still in operation. While Bianchi offers many different cool bike models, such as e-bikes, their mountain bikes have become quite popular in 2020. The most popular mountain Bike from Bianchi is the Cross Country line. With unique features such as the signature Bianchi teal color, aluminum teal framed hardtail and customizable sizes, it is not hard to see while this brand has been around for over 100 years.

5. Surly
Established in 1998, the Surly brand is fairly new to the biking scene. However, this has not stopped them from becoming one of the top mountain biking brands of 2020. The most unique feature of the Surly mountain bikes are the CroMoly steel that they are made out of. This helps the bike have a light and best frame to do many things such as sightseeing and getting amazing views on the mountain biking trail.

2020 is the best year to get out and explore nature. With all the amazing mountain biking brands out there, nothing can stop you now!

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