This Year’s Best Rowing Machines

This Year’s Best Rowing Machines

Whether you are looking to work off those holiday pounds or trying to get ready for your inevitable new year’s resolution, a rowing machine is a good piece of exercising equipment to have. As fitness equipment goes, rowing machines may be the best equipment for losing weight fast. With rowing machines, you are moving your arms and legs simultaneously. Moving both your upper and lower body at the same time can help you burn more fat. If you are in the market for a rowing machine, below, you will find the top five machines that will aid you in your fitness journey.

1. JTX Freedom Air Rowing Machine
This folding rowing machine comes with a digital display and air resistance. While it has a great design and comprehensive readouts, the screen can be a little problematic. The machine can hold up to 286 pounds and has 16 resistance levels. It also comes with different workout programs, so you’re in good hands no matter what your fitness level.

2. Proform R600
Proform is synonymous with the words fitness equipment. They make affordable machines that help you meet your fitness goals, and this rowing machine is no different. The R600 is foldable and has a digital display. It comes with a ten air resistance setting. While it doesn’t have the most sophisticated computer or display, it does show you distance, speed, time, and calories burned. The machine is pretty lightweight. This means that if you need to move it for any reason, it should be rather easy. What this machine may lack in settings, it makes up for it by being affordable. It is priced for home buyers.

3. Nordictrack RX800
This comfortable machine is foldable and has a digital display. It comes with ten resistance modes and is preloaded with workouts. The built-in speakers allow you to play your music as loud as you want.

4. Life Fitness Row GX Trainer
While this machine is not foldable, it is water-resistant, and it does have a digital display. If you were looking for something a little more technologically advanced, you’re going to have to look again. The GX Trainer doesn’t have a fancy computer system of display, but it can tell you the distance, duration, and speed you have been going. It also allows you to change the resistance level manually. You have your pick of fifteen different levels.

5. [email protected] Model D Indoor Rower
This foldable machine has a digital display and air resistance. Some of the other machines are lacking in the computer department, this machine shows you distance, calories burned, and speed. It is loaded with workouts and games and can be connected to Bluetooth. It is not as quiet as some of the others on this list, but it will definitely help you meet any fitness goals you may have. 

Rowing machines are a great way to stay fit and keep working out when you’re not able to get out to the gym. 

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