The Six Greatest Weighted Vests For Your Workouts

The Six Greatest Weighted Vests For Your Workouts

Weighted vests are great for adding a sense of a challenge to your next workout, as they will build strength and endurance. These are great for at-home workouts to add on the extra weight that you are missing without the gym. There are six great weighted vests including those found below to best meet your needs. 

1. TRX XD Kevlar Weight Vest
The TRX XD Kevlar Weight Vest is made by the same people who make bulletproof vests. There are options for 20 pounds and 40 pounds of weight depending on your needs. Every movement will be done without the vest slipping due to the cross-straps integrated. 

2. Aduro Sport Weighted Vest
The Aduro Sport Weighted Vest has a minimalistic design, though it offers some of the same strenuous weight you need. The minimalism does allow only a maximum weight of 20 pounds, however. It does allow you to move more freely though, so this one may be best for running or hiking with a weighted vest. 

3. ZFO Sports Weighted Vest
The ZFO Sports Weighted Vest is fully adjustable so that you can add up to 80 pounds to your workout. The belt design that is available will also give you an extra layer of protection to keep your back safe. Finally, this vest is built on convenience with the built-in water bottle holder that is found in the back or can be removed as well. 

4. 11 TacTec Plate Carrier
The 11 TacTec Plate Carrier is a great vest in which you can add your own weighted plates depending on your needs. It is also slightly minimalistic so that it does not get in your way or create a barrier. Finally, with this weighted vest you will find that your sweat will not create an issue as this vest is water-resistant. 

5. Hyper Vest PRO Adjustable Vest
The HyperVest Pro Adjustable Vest can give you up to 42 pounds of extra weight while working out. It does come with 10 pounds as its minimum amount of weight, however. You will find that this vest is easily adjustable as well via the side elastic straps. 

6. RunMax Pro Weighted Vest
The RunMax Pro Weighted Vest has no frills about it, but it does have a carrier for your water bottle so that you can run smoothly. The most basic version is 20 pounds, but they only go up from there. The vest is also not bulky though it can support your back well when you are exercising. 

Final Thoughts
Weighted vests are great ways to add an extra something to your workout, especially when you are doing cardio or working out from home. Consider one of the options that are listed above for your next workout and to give you the extra strength you need. Most weighted vests are adjustable so that you never have to take on more than you can handle and can easily adjust to meet your needs. 

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